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Board Meeting Minutes July 2007

Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries
(Friends of CRTS)
A Pennsylvania non-profit supporting Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries
Corporate Office: 2419 Trotter Drive, Allison Park PA 15101
2007 Board Meeting Minutes
Date: July 20, 2007
Place: Independence Presbyterian Church, SavannahGeorgia
Members present:  Mrs. Glenn (Julie) McDougall, Dr. Andrew Silman, Dr. Robert Simonelli,  Mrs. Robert (Linda) Wohleber, Mr. Mark Thompson
Members excused: Rev. Paul Taylor, Rev. Toon Yeo
Others present: Dr. and Mrs. (Priscilla) Andrew McCafferty
The meeting was called to order at 10:30 AM and opened with a devotion and prayer by Dr. Silman.  The minutes from the 2006 meeting were read and approved.
1.       Dr. McCafferty gave the Executive Director’s report. We continue to support Dr. Yates and Dr. McCafferty. In 2006 we contributed $12,000 to the CRC on behalf of CRTS. We also contributed $4314.50 to the FamilyCounselingCenter to pay part of Lily Zheng’s salary, as well as $9000 to CRTS to pay for a computer and a portion of the salary of a CRTS administrative assistant. These funds were requested last year and used as requested. Money that had been requested for the Philadelphia startup went unused. 
2.       Mrs. McDougall gave the Treasurer’s Report. In 2006 we had an income of $164,452.27 and expenses of $141,530.52. We began the year with a surplus of $50,867.32 and ended the year with a surplus of $73,789.07. 
1.       A motion was made and approved to re-elect Dr. Silman as Chair and Dr. Yeo as Vice Chair for another year.
2.       A motion to elect Betty Hsia as Accountant for FCRTS was made and approved. Her job functions:
a)         Review the books once a month
b)         Prepare the 990 taxes
c)         Assist the Treasurer in preparing the yearly financial report to the Board. 
The accountant’s term of office will coincide with the Treasurer’s.
3.       A  motion to create Asia and US Directorships was made and approved as follows:
a)         The Asia director will be primarily a ministry position. The US directorship will be primarily organizational and promotional but also involves ministry in the US. Either director may serve as the Executive Director.
b)         Dr. McCafferty will serve as the Asian Director. The Board will seek to appoint a US Director as soon as possible.
c)         Amend the FCRTS guidelines to eliminate the statement which reads, “The executive director is usually one of the missionaries whom the Corporation supports. He is not directly reimbursed for serving as the executive director.”    This will give us the option to hire or reimburse the Executive Director.   
4.       A motion concerning the Reformed Press was made and approved, with the addition of a recommendation, as follows:
a)         FCRTS will set up a fund for the Taiwan Reformed Press. This fund will function in the same way as our CRTS fund and other funds. (Donors can request that funds be donated to the Reformed Press.)
b)         FCRTS will continue to support the work with a contribution of $500 per month
c)         The Reformed Press may request that the funds be used in the US or Canada to pay translators or other purposes. This is regarded as a short-term solution to the problem of how to pay translators. A less complex system will be better all around. The Board therefore proposes that the Reformed Translation Fellowship establish a subsidiary in the US, thus eliminating the need for Friends of CRTS to do anything but donate funds.
5.       A motion concerning support for the Eastern Seminaries was made and approved as follows:
a)         FCRTS will set up a fund for supporting Eastern Seminaries
b)         FCRTS will continue to contribute $500 per month to CRTS for support of the first Eastern Seminary.
6.       Dr. Yates’ and Dr. McCafferty’s missionary reports and requests for support were read and approved with the following comments:
a)         Dr. McCafferty will keep the board informed about the concerns regarding Tim’s work load, the demands of the pastoral position, and the need for more teachers in the Biblical Counseling area.
b)         The Board strongly suggested that Andy schedule a Sabbatical for July of 2008, with the option of putting it off no longer than July of 2009.
7.       Two motions concerning potential new missionaries were made and approved, as follows:
a)         That FCRTS express to both Luke Lu and Dr. Dean Ulrich that they are welcome to join us as missionaries if they are hired as full time teachers at CRTS. 
b)         Subject to the approval of the President of FCRTS and the President of CRTS, they may open a Friends of CRTS fund and begin fund raising.
c)         Each new missionary may be granted by the Executive Director up to $2000 US from FCRTS for travel expenses as he begins to raise funds. This money will be repaid to the general fund from money contributed to their fund.
8.       A motion was made and approved to pass the 2008 Budget. (See agenda.)
9.       A motion was made and approved to set up a new on-line accounting system with QuickBooks (with discretion given to the Executive Director and Treasurer as to which system to use).
10.    Regarding surpluses and deficits in FCRTS funds, a motion was made and approved to make up for deficits in non-missionary funds first, by transferring funds from other non-missionary funds having a surplus. In the event that there are no surplus funds in other non-missionary areas, funds shall be made up for by transferring missionary funds proportionate to the surplus in the missionary’s account. For example, if there is a $1000 deficit in a non-missionary fund and Dr. Yates has a $10,000 surplus and Dr. McCafferty has a $30,000 surplus, FRCTS may transfer $250 from Dr. Yates’ fund and $750 from Dr. McCafferty’s fund. 
11.    A motion to change the way we report missionary compensation to the Taiwan government failed to pass. A recommendation was made to investigate the possibility of granting scholarships outright to missionary children so as to prevent confusion over compensation and scholarship support.
1.       The Board discussed the need for more board members, and it was generally agreed that prospective Board members be invited to subsequent meetings or FCRTS functions in order to give both them and the Board the opportunity to interact before a formal invitation to join the Board takes place.   The Board agreed to keep in mind the need for new Board members, and also to help Andy in the following areas until a new US Director is found:
a)         Help arrange churches where new missionaries can make a presentation
b)         Develop our relationship with prospective new Board membership
c)         Develop our relationships with PCAChurches and Presbyteries
d)         Develop our relationships with non-PCA churches
2.       We discussed the need to change the By-laws to read as follows:
Article VIII.5. - Add the word “usually” to read: “The annual meeting of the Board of Directors shall usually be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.”
Article VIII.9. - Add the following: “or emailed “, andAll votes taken without a meeting shall be ratified at the next duly called meeting.” The resulting clause will read: “Any action which may be taken at a meeting of the directors may be taken without a meeting, if the consent or consents in writing setting forth the action so taken shall be signed or emailed by at least a majority of all directors in office, and shall be filed with the Secretary of the Corporation.  All votes taken without a meeting shall be ratified at the next duly called meeting.
Since amendments to the By-laws must be proposed ten days in advance of a duly called meeting, this matter will be addressed prior to our next meeting with a formal motion.
3.       We agreed to put together a packet which includes the FCRTS Guidelines, the FCRTS By-laws, the FCRTS Missionary Salary Policy and the FCRTS Accountable Business Expense Policy . These would be given to prospective Board members and be available for review. 
The meeting was adjourned with prayer at 12:50 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Robert Wohleber