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Board Meeting Minutes July 2010


Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries (Friends of CRTS)
A Pennsylvania non-profit supporting Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries
Corporate Office: 2419 Trotter Drive, Allison Park PA 15101
2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: July 2, 2010
Place: Nashville Renaissance Hotel, Nashville, TN
Members Present: TE Scott Lindsay, Chairman Dr. Andrew Silman, Dr. Paul Taylor, TE Mark Thompson
Members Attending via Internet: Mrs. Glenn (Julie) McDougall, Treasurer; Mrs. Robert (Linda) Wohleber, Secretary
Others Present: Asia Director Dr. Andrew McCafferty, Mrs. Andrew (Priscilla) McCafferty
Members Excused:   Dr. Robert Simonelli
At 9:02 am CST, Dr. Silman opened the meeting with a devotional message from 1 Timothy and prayer . The minutes of the 2009 meeting were approved with the following noted additions and with suggestions for wording the changes we made to our Guidelines. 2009 Version of our Guidelines will reflect suggested changes.
a.    Concerning the scholarships for children, the website www.friendsofcrts.org is a work in progress. But Tim Yates has it up and running, and so we should be able to move ahead with the application.
b.    Motion 8 adds a paragraph to the Guidelines, but does not say where it is to be added. Also, in 2007, we passed a motion that created Asia and US Directorships. This 2007 motion stated that: 
The Asia director will be primarily a ministry position. The US Directorship will be primarily organizational and promotional but also involves ministry in the US. Either director may serve as the Executive Director.
Perhaps we can 1) change the name of Section 4 of the Guidelines to “Executive Director and Other Positions”, and 2) add the following as point 4 of Section 4:
An Asia Director and a US Director are appointed by the Board and serve a three year term. (Continue with the wording from Motion 8)
1.       Dr. McCafferty presented the Asia Director’s Report. A short discussion involving the status of the SeminaryBuilding ensued. The building is in CRTS’ name. Through a verbal agreement, we donate $20,000 a year to CRC for 12 years, five of which remain until our agreement is fulfilled.   The Board also discussed the Seminary’s need for space as it grows. Sharing space with Grace Church, renting from Christ’s College are two possibilities, and politics in Mainland China will help us determine what the best options will be in the next few years.    The Asia Director’s report was approved by common consent.
2.       Dr. McCafferty presented the Financial Report. By common consent the report was approved. We discussed our approach to fundraising, and Scott Lindseysuggested that if we can ask our donors to increase giving by incremental amounts, we will be able to operate with much less financial uncertainty. The Board can also be more proactive, taking speaking opportunities to present CRTS to our circles of influence.
Motion F/S/A 1. .    That the CRTS Board submit a 5-year financial plan along with requests to us. Dr. Silman will convey this request to the CRTS Board. 
Motion F/S/A 2. That FCRTS formulate and implement a plan to approach our top 100 givers and ask them to increase their giving incrementally. Details on this will be worked out later. Scott Lindsey offered to work up a preliminary proposal , which he will forward to Dr. Silman.
Election of Officers and New Board Members
1.       By common consent, the current slate of officers was re-elected.
2.       Scott Lindsay was elected to fill the vacant post of Vice Chairman, and thus joins Andy Silman, Julie McDougall and Mark Thompson on the Executive Committee. 
3.       Dr. Silman thanked everyone for serving on the Board.
4.       At the 2009 Board meeting, we agreed to discuss with Ken Woo about joining our board. He is willing to do so. He will be a valuable member and in fact may be a potential candidate for US Director. F/S/A to elect Kenneth Woo to the Board.
Missionary Reports and financial requests
1.       All four missionary reports were read and accepted by common consent.
2.       Dr. McCafferty's financial request was approved as requested. We will provide Dr. McCafferty with $22,450 in housing and salary (1099 support) in 2011.
3.       Dr. Ulrich's financial request was approved as requested. We will provide Dr. Ulrich with $29,869 in housing and salary (1099 support) in 2011.
4.       Dr. Yates financial request was approved with two qualifications. We will provide Dr. Yates with $91,000 in housing, salary, and child education costs in 2011. However, there is concern over the feasibility of his budget. Dr. McCafferty suggested we talk to him about its long-term feasibility, and ask him to discuss this with the Executive committee and if necessary to submit a new plan by November of this year. Due to a possible shortage in his account, we did not approve his request that $3,500 be transferred from his account to the CRTS account.
5.       Dr. Yeo's financial request was approved with one qualification. We will provide Dr. Yeo with $48,560 in housing, salary and child education costs. Regarding Toon Yeo, the board suggested we remember him as we are raising funds, since he is not well known by our donors as yet. Due to a possible shortage in his account, we did not approve his request that $1,000 be transferred from his account to the China Ministries account.
6.       The Board paused to pray for our missionaries.
New Business
1.       Motion F/S/A to delete from the Guidelines the following sentence:
Missionaries meet with the Executive Director for an annual review, and the Executive Director files a written report with the Board of Directors.
                 We have not been doing this, and now there is no Executive Director.
2.       Motion F/S/A to approve Moses Wang as a missionary candidate. We will allow Moses to begin raising funds through Friends of CRTS once he has received a call from CRTS to be a full time faculty member.
3.       By common consent, the 2011 Budget was approved. The budgeted expenses are $262,478, and we are expecting a $13,900 deficit in 2011. The Board stopped to pray.
4.       Motion F/S/A to update the Board Handbook as follows:
a.       Guidelines VI.7 was amended at the June 16, 2009 meeting, so we need to replace the old version with a June 16, 2009 version
b.       Add the 2009 Financial Report (replacing the 2009.1-6 financial report.)
c.        Update the 2010 Budget because it was complete/amended after the last meeting.
5.       Motion F/S/A to have our Secretary put the updated versions of the By-Laws, Guidelines, and Handbook on the website, as well as the Minutes to all Board Meetings. She is also to keep a paper copy on file and to send 4 copies of these documents to the Annual Board Meeting.
6.       Dr. Silman announced that GA next year is June 7-12 inVirginia Beach.   As Dr. McCafferty will not be able to make that meeting, it was suggested that we meet in Louisiana at the PlainsChurch. That is being taken under consideration, and Dr. Silman and Linda Wohleber will email possible dates for our meeting in the next few weeks.
The meeting was adjourned with prayer at 2:30 PM CST.
Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Robert Wohleber, Secretary
July 2010