Missionary Children Scholarships

EIN: 26-0001533
1. The types of educational grants we provide
We provide scholarships for children in grades K-12. To be eligible for a scholarship, a family / child must meet the following three criteria:

A.      One of the child's parents must be a minister of the Presbyterian Church in America or of a Reformed Church which is in good standing with the Presbyterian Church in America, and that parent must be on the faculty of a Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary.

B.      The country or area where the family lives does not have public education in the child's native language.

C.      The family has financial need.

 2. The purpose and amount of our scholarships
One of our three purposes stated in our Bylaws is:
Bylaws, Article III Section 2 (c): To assist any presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America or a presbytery of any other Reformed Church which is in good standing with the Presbyterian Church in America to send one or more of its ordained or licensed ministers to teach at a Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary. The minister must have a call from the Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary to which they are being sent.
For these ministers to teach at a Chinese Reformed Theological Seminary, they must have the financial means to provide K-12 education for their children. The purpose of the scholarship is to help ensure that this is the case.
For children who attend a private school, the amount is the maximum cost of tuition and fees. For children who are home schooled, the maximum amount is the cost of teaching materials. 
3. Loans
We do not award loans.
4. How our program is publicized.
An advertisement about this scholarship program is posted on our website, www.friendsofcrts.org.  
We also have a simple brochure that introduces our organization. This brochure includes information about this scholarship program. The brochure is available to all churches and individuals who express interest in our organization.
5. Application form
The application consists of a family financial data form. The applicants submit this together with a cover letter and, if needed, verification that they meet our first two criteria.
6. Case histories showing recipients of our scholarships, including names, addresses, purposes of awards, amount of each grant, manner of selection, and relationship (if any) to officers, trustees, or donors of funds to you.
Scholarship decisions are made at our annual board meeting or in a unique situation at a special called meeting. We record the recipient and amount granted in the minutes of the board minutes. We record the addresses, purpose of the award, and relationship (if any) to officers, trustees or donors on each application form. The Board minutes and each application form are kept on file by our secretary.
7. The specific criteria we use to determine who is eligible for your program.
As stated above, we have three eligibility criteria.
8. The specific criteria we use to select recipients.
We seek to provide support for all families / children who meet our three criteria. Concerning the financial need criterion, we require that the family's household income, including salary and benefits is below a set maximum amount. We use a formula to determining this maximum amount. This formula can be deduced from our application form.
9. How we determine the number of grants that will be made annually.
As stated above we seek to provide support for all applicants who meet our three criteria.      Scholarship funding is dependent upon funding availability.
 10. How we determine the amount of each of your grants.
As explained above, the maximum amount of the grant is the cost of tuition and fees for those children studying in a school, and the cost of teaching material for those children who are being home schooled. To determine the exact amount of each grant, we first seek to find people who will pledge to support one or more of the applications. Each applicant is granted a scholarship in the amount pledged (up to the maximum as defined above). If we do not receive sufficient pledges, the committee decides whether to supplement these pledges with money from our corporate general fund. 
11. Requirement or condition that we impose on recipients to obtain, maintain, or qualify for renewal of a grant.
The three criteria given in the response to question 1 are our only criteria for obtaining, maintaining or renewing a scholarship.
12. Our procedures for supervising the scholarships.  
When possible, we pay grants directly to the school in the name of the child.  If the grant is not paid directly to the school, we require that the applicant provide us with proper receipts from the school (or in the case of home schooled children, receipts for the teaching material.) We do not obtain grade transcripts from recipients; however, we do require that the parents of the recipient certify that the recipient is in good standing at the end of academic period. If the terms of an award are violated, the Board of directors determines the portion of the scholarship which the applicant must repay. No further support of any kind is provided to the applicant until this amount is repaid. 
13. The selection committee for the awards made under our program, including criteria for committee membership and the method of replacing committee members.
The selection committee consists of all members of the Board of our corporation. Criteria for committee membership are the criteria for membership on the Board. The method of replacing committee members is our method of replacing Board members
14. Relatives and scholarships
Relatives of members of our selection committee, officers, directors and substantial contributors are not eligible for awards.