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Current Prayer Requests September 1, 2018

1.Pray for our children, in their various life stages, to love and serve the Lord and steward their gifts for his glory and the good of others. Pray for Barbara’s tutoring students and family contacts to open up Gospel opportunities.  

2.Pray for the Spirit’s blessing on Tim’s preaching, teaching, counseling, writing and administrating ministries. 

3.Pray for the development of new distance learning degrees in Biblical Counseling and the Master of Divinity. 

4.Pray for the progress of Unveiled Faces Reformed Press, the Lord’s blessing on the first Foundations book and its Chinese translation, printing and distribution, and development of other application books in the Be Thou My Vision series. Tim is in discussion with Third Millennium about developing the book content into a professionally recorded online seminary class, along with his other biblical counseling courses. 

5.Pray for wisdom, energy for the Lord's work and the Spirit's pleasure in the holiness of all the CRTS board, faculty, staff and students. 

6.Pray that CRTS' income from donations will continue to supply the needs we have for maintaining and for building up this work.