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Current Prayer Requests Revised December 10, 2015


  • Pray for Tim’s ministry as Academic Dean & teacher at China Reformed Theological Seminary & as Supervising Adviser to FCC to prosper the work for the glory of God and the growth of his church. Pray especially for wisdom in preparing & teaching regular semester classes on Counseling Theology, Counseling Case Studies and Youth Counseling (spring 2016) and a special mini-class January 11-22, 2016 on John's Theology.
  • Pray for Tim as he works on a parenting book proposal for P&R tentatively titled Parenting in the Covenant Image of God
  • Pray for oldest daughter Val (Geneva 2006, Sociology), her husband Jeff (St Leo's, Business 2012) & grand-daughter Savannah (8) and grandson Garrett (3) and new grandson Blake (1 yr) as Val is due with their fourth child in January 2014. Val works as an English preschool teacher while Jeff finishes his online classes at Drexel University and student teaching January-April 2016 at Morrison Academy, Taichung for a teaching certificate in high school history teaching.
  • Pray for Natalie (Wheaton College 2011, Philosophy) married to Doug Hoffer (July 10, 2011 wedding in the Harrisburg PA area) where Doug studies for his PhD at University of Chicago Divinity School and Natalie continues in her full-time job as an administrative assistant for Illinois State Representative Tom Morrison. They live in Wheaton IL.
  • Pray for Jonathan (Wheaton College 2012, International Relations and Geology) married to Kaitlyn Le Baudour (Wheaton College 2012, Spanish and Geology) on August 1 2015. They were both accepted into University of Southern California, Davis campus' International Agriculture Development MA program for the fall 2015 and found TA jobs on campus to cover tuition and living costs. 
  • Pray for Janine (Sociology,  Covenant College 2015) for good relationships & healthy habits. She lives with Natalie & Doug and works full time for Kintetsu as a air freight customer service representative. 
  • Pray for Karen (sophomore Wheaton College, Christian Education major) for studies, church and friendships, and her leadership in the college based Honduras Project mission trip (preparations, small group and groups work events leading to the mission trip during spring break 2016).
  • Pray for Trisha (5th) and Nathan (3rd, especially for Nathan to develop good study attitude and habits) as they are attending Morrison Academy-Bethany for their third year. 
  • Pray for our marriage to prosper in love and affection for each other.
  • Pray for Barbara doing English tutoring with about 8 students.