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Introduction to Tim Yates and family


The extended Yates family at Jonathan and Kaitlyn's wedding August 1, 2015

What Do We Do? 2017 Summary of Yates Ministry & Family

Rev. Dr. Tim Yates, D.Min., (12/31) (ordained in the PCA) is serving with Friends of Chinese Reformed Theological Seminaries in Taiwan. Tim is full-time Academic Dean of China Reformed Theological Seminary, Deans of Biblical Counseling & Distance Learning and teaches OT/NT, theology and Biblical Counseling course (teaching in Mandarin). Tim also advises the Family Counseling Center staff and teaches counseling seminars for the FCC. Tim's content website for books and articles in English and Chinese is

Barbara (3/31) is full time Mom and tutoring a few Chinese students in English.

Valerie (2/14/85; Sociology Geneva ‘96), married Jeff Jones (Business, St Leo's 14, MA Secondary High School History  Teaching, Drexel), and now they have a daughter Savannah (12/21/07) son Garrett (2/19/12), son Blake (09/17/14) and daughter Evangeline (01/25/2016). They recently moved back to the US (Pittsburgh PA)  after living in Taipei for 5 years. Jeff is currently completing his student teaching during the fall 2017 in the Pittsburgh area, while working part-time for Family Links, a non-profit, in the human resources dept. while Val is full time mom. He will return to Family Links after he completes his student teaching and start applying for high school history teaching jobs. 

Natalie (4/9/89; Wheaton ‘11) married July 10, 2011 to Doug Hoffer.  They live in Wheaton IL area where Doug (M.A. in Biblical Exegesis, Wheaton College; MA Chicago Divinity School) is enrolled as a 3rd year PhD student in the divinity school at Chicago University, currently teaching adjunct faculty NT courses for Wheaton College and Lewis University in Chicago area, while Natalie works full time as administrative assistant for Illinois State Representative Tom Morrison 54th District.

Jonathan (7/5/90), (International Relations & Geology, Wheaton 2012) married Kaitlyn Le Baudour (Spanish & Geology, Wheaton 2012) August 1 2015. They both graduated in June 2017 from Univ. California, Davis Campus' MA International Agriculture Development. They were hired immediately by the Wonderful Company upon graduation after serving in internships with them last summer. They moved to Bakersfield CA where Jonie works for their strategic planning department and Kaitlyn works for their charitable giving department.  

Janine (6/26/93)(Sociology Covenant 2015). lives with Natalie & Doug in Wheaton IL and works full time as an air freight shipping representative for Kintetsu near the Chicago airport.

Karen (4/3/95) is a senior at Wheaton College, Christian education major (minor in Urban Studies). She is considering joining Teach for America next fall. 

Nathan (11/4/06,5th  grade) & Trisha (3/20/05, 7th grade) attend Morrison Academy-Bethany campus for their fifth year this fall school year 2017-18. Trisha had been in Chinese public school and Nathan in home school before that. 

The Yates family has lived in Taiwan for 24 years total as of 2017. They plan to return to the US for reporting on their work every year for the summer, with their next projected visit summer 2018. They hope to see you at one of their church visits or as they have opportunity, to visit with your individually when in your area. 

 If you would like to contact us, email is the most convenient:  or

 US phone number that rings through our internet (magicjack) 717-435-7955 (12 hours ahead of US EST) Or home post mailing address:


Ching Feng St, Lane 48, Alley 11, #7, 3F

Taipei 116 Taiwan