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Yates Prayer Memo November 2010


NOVEMBER 4, 2010
from Tim
(Last Prayer Memo August 21, 2010)
Jeff Jones, our son-in-law, served his one year tour of duty in Iraq and has returned to the US. He just flew out of Pittsburgh Thursday morning 8:50 am EST, arriving in Taiwan about 24 hours later, to move to Taiwan into their own apartment with his wife (our oldest daughter) Val and their daughter Savannah. Val has been busy online locating used furniture and household items from people moving out of Taiwan. Barb & I have been helping out with moving stuff, re-assembly and cleaning. They have most of the things they need for an operating household. Pray for their transitions, for Jeff to get his resident visa approved, and his plans for doing further college studies (either online or in some programs in Taiwan universities that use English as the language of instruction) while in Taiwan.
Natalie is officially engaged to be married to Doug Hoffer next summer June 25 in the Harrisburg PA area, shortly after Natalie graduates from Wheaton. Doug will continue his studies in the Wheaton Grad School in the M.A. Biblical Interpretation program as he is doing his first year now, which means they will be living in the Wheaton IL area after they get married. Nat has added pressures with her job as a teaching assistant grading student papers, and has spent lots of time trying to be both fair and thorough, though they only pay for 5 hours/wk of time. Plans for the wedding and wedding dress shopping are also underway. Pray for their wedding planning and studies.
Jonathan added a Geology major to his major in International Relations. That also qualified him for some additional scholarship money, but he saw lots of uses for that major with land use and improvement in under developed areas, which is what he hopes to do in missions work to Muslims (maybe in western China) at some point in the future. Pray for his studies and planning for the future.
Janine is doing well in her senior year at Morrison, both in studies, choirs and athletics (starter for the volleyball team now). She will travel with the team to Japan next week for the Far East Tournament. She's starting to fill out her college applications and met the Wheaton College application deadline this week with her first application. She took her second try on the the SAT test a few weeks ago and were waiting the results on that. Pray for on-going positive senior year and college application process.
Karen has done well with the Morrison sophomore transition to living in the dorms with a new roommate and managing well the demands of high school life academics and choir. She made varsity volleyball (our first 10th grader to do so--not too surprising given her athletic experience since grade school and all-around ability :>) and gets lots of playing time, so that's been fun for them both to be on the same team. She will also go to Japan next week with the team. Pray for a continued encouraging sophomore year.
Trisha still goes for 1/2 day of Chinese kindergarten. She's managing a good bit of Chinese language every day, but Barbara & I need to do more work on her Chinese vocabulary at home. She's pretty capable of reading simple English graded readers now too. Pray for her Chinese language learning and a cheerful attitude in the morning wake-up routine. 
Today is Nathan's 4th birthday! Barb has been teaching him to read and write his letters. With all the rain we've had recently, kids stay inside, so he spends most of his "free" time playing Mariokart Wii, WiiPlay or WiiFit or watching videos. He getting quite good at some of the games, but also gets frustrated easily when he doesn't win :>) good learning experience! Pray for his growing self-control over his temper when frustrated.
Barbara has invented a new (paying) job for herself: Barb's Bake Shop! She bakes nearly all morning (baker's hours) and early afternoon on Tuesdays (as well as other candy or yogurt type items made earlier) to supply an after school (3:00 pm) bake sale at Bethany School, with encouragement and support from the Bethany principal. She is raising money for Janine & Karen to go to their Far East Tournaments this year (probably they will both be going to basketball tournament as well, as we expect Karen's capabilities in that sport will earn her a varsity position). The financial results so far have been very encouraging and giving Barb a nice way to connect with people in a service oriented way when she sells the items. The Bethany community feedback has been very appreciative, as any of you who have tasted her cooking or baking will know :>) Also other opportunities to bake by special order (making cakes or church meal desserts) have developed.
On a more somber note, Barb's sister Becca, who has lived in the Philippines for nearly 15 years, faced sudden tragedy when her fiance died suddenly about 2 months ago. Barb flew down to the Philippines to be with her for the funeral and a few days after. Becca plans to come here to stay for a much needed rest this month. Pray for Barb's new business venture and good time with her sister this month.
On an electoral note, in keeping with the weeks US election news, my younger sister Julie (Yates) Lewis won an elected seat as Broome Country Legislator (R) NY, defeating an incumbant Democrat by about 2000+ votes to the opponent's 1000+ so that was exciting news that we now have an elected government official in the family :>) It's more like a part-time job, as they hold one meeting/mo and work in committees. I had some fun assisting her campaign with brochure development (3000) and her name & campaign info printed on 1000 gift pens, which were produced here in Taiwan and sent back with Jonathan when he returned for college. Pray for my sister Julie as she manages this new responsibility for God's glory.
At China Reformed Theological Seminary we have just passed our mid-semester point (6/12 weeks). We have about 57 full time students (including our regular ThM students). We are interviewing a new prospective Chinese speaking faculty member working on his PhD at Westminster Phila. We are making draft plans for a fund raising project proposal to the board to remodel our CRTS building second floor for a student center and library.
Teaching Counseling Theology has come out differently than previous years with some new emphases on Hebrews theme of this world as shadows of a better reality in God, the Gospel in Christ and New Heaven-New Earth as core theme for counseling applications. I have about 28 students in that class-the largest class I've ever taught at CRTS. Galatians class has been enjoyable to show the core of the justification by faith theme in opposition to the attempt to be justified by works of the law (8 students). Pray for a good second half of the semester in teaching and student learning, and perseverance for students under heavy study loads (yes some of my fault!) .
I taught 5 two hour segments for the local Christian drug rehab counselors on the same counseling theology themes in September. I tried to develop a more simplified model for the counseling process as integrated with the themes of redemptive history.
If you want to read any of these counseling handouts, or a recent audio sermon I preached on this topic in English, of any of a number of counseling articles on various topics I've written, look under missionaries/Tim Yates//ministry/counseling and ministry articles or audio sermons at www.friendsofcrts.org   or http://friendsofcrts.org.dnnmax.com/Missionaries/TimYates/Ministry/CounselingMinistryArticles.aspx
I travel outside Taiwan next week to teach an intensive 4 day mini-class on John's Gospel. I have my visa and ticket, PTL. Pray for God's strength for the 7.5 hr teaching days, preparation & anointing to teach, and security related issues. 
We need prayer for the Asian Theological Association application and wisdom for the board members as CRTS decides on some difficult issues within this next year. Hopefully this ATA application process will not get too bogged down in document authorization related issues, in other words, who will oversee and sign off on the documents submitted to ATA. Right now we are in a stall over that issue so the initial application I wrote can't be sent until the Board authorizes the lines of approval.
The Friends of CRTS website I assembled/formatted is basically finished and up to date. Check it out at www.friendsofcrts.org  
Recently I led a parenting mini-seminar at a local church, and have been teaching for a young adult fellowship at Amazing Grace RPC once/mo from Philippians.
Our CRTS courses taught in English for the international community at Bethany School have had a slow start, with 7 taking the Pentateuch class and 5 taking Romans. We do not yet have enough faculty to continue offering two courses, but I may be teaching one of these classes next semester. Pray for wisdom in scheduling teachers for classes.
Thanks for sharing in the harvest with us among the Chinese through your support and prayers. God bless you all and give you a blessed Thanksgiving later this month as you remember all his blessings!

May God's glory in the face of Christ Jesus shine on and through you by the power of the Holy Spirit (Num 6:24-26; 2 Cor 3:18)