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October 2016 Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters: 


Greetings from Taipei. This morning “Megi” (A giant typhoon) made a touch-down at Taiwan, and the whole island was affected by her. In fact, this was the fourth typhoon that struck Taiwan this summer. A moment ago, I was watching news about the progress of Megi, and people were busy with doing all kinds of preparation and protection. Didn’t men land the moon? Didn’t we invent so many powerful machines and sophisticated technologies? Aren’t men powerful and smart? However, the arrival of Megi really shows that men’ inability and powerlessness. Men are just the created beings of the Creator, and their purpose of existence is merely to manifest God’s glory and greatness. Actually, the main goal of our mission is to bring people to come to the knowledge of God so they will worship Him. Indeed, this is the main goal of Christian mission. 

Again we thank you for being partners of our mission. We apologize for not updating our situation for months. We had a quite busy summer for Toon traveling to the States and Pam being busy in her teaching and counseling. All three children were home this summer, and they made the empty-nest alive again. 

Toon’s update 

Toon had a very busy Spring semester; besides his regular job as dean of student intern, he also taught a core class (NT introduction) at Taipei and three intensive courses in East Asia. Every time he returned from these trips, his heart was full of thanksgiving for he viewed every trip as the last trip. This statement might cause you to ask “why.” Toon has heard many of his missionary-friends’ visas were suspended by the authority. He really doesn’t want this happens to him. Therefore, please pray for this matter. 

Toon traveled to the States for 6 weeks, and he was invited to speak at the retreat of his former church, Chinese Christian Church of Virginia (PCA). Toon met many of his old friends since 1992. It was kind of reunion for Toon, and Toon used the opportunity to share his church planting project to the church as well. We want to thank God that some showed the willingness of supporting this very challenging ministry. Also, Toon was invited to preach and to share their mission at Grace Christian Church (PCA). Later, Toon traveled to the south- Jackson, Mississippi and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Toon and Pam went to schools and seminary in these two cities. Toon was invited to speak at CCCBR, and he took the opportunity to visit friends in Jackson. Originally, Toon has thought of visiting Cherry Hill Christian Church (New Jersey) for the church has faithfully support Toon and Pam’s mission. Due to the limited time, Toon has to reschedule the visit to next summer. 

Actually, Toon didn’t plan to visit the States this year. However, due to the speaking engagement, he took the opportunity to share their church planting project. 

Pam’s Update 

Currently, Pam is still working for Liberty University as an online professor for the Counseling department and the counseling center of Taipei Friendship Presbyterian Church (TFPC) as the counseling supervisor and counselor. She declined the invitation of the teaching job at Methodist seminary this and next years to prepare for the church planting project coming this fall. She is also prepared to gradually decrease her participation in the counseling center at TFPC when the situation calls for it. Although she does not know how her future ministry will look like, she will work with Toon as a team and trust God will guide them one step at a time. 

New Ministry for Toon and Pam 

Some of you have heard that we are starting a church planting project in New Taipei City. Let us clarify what we will do. First, Toon is not leaving his ministry at CRTS nor making extra bucks from the project. Toon views the project as an extended ministry of CRTS’ field education project. Toon taught a church planting course last fall, and he takes the opportunity to start a church with some of these students. In this project, Toon might spend 20-25 hours/week. However, Pam plays an important role in this project. Pam will eventually quit her job as a counselor from Friendship Church, and she will involve greatly herself to help Toon. We will have a counseling center that offers all kinds of counseling to the residents, and we hope through helping them the Gospel will shared to them. Pam will lead a women Bible Study fellowship that will attract believers and nonbelieving friends as well. Toon’s assistant, Luther Cheng, (see picture below)  will assist Toon in various areas. Outreaching the community, through Bible Study Fellowships (men and women), counseling, English Club, and seminars, is our first year’s goal. Besides that we will train our leader, and we will start having Sunday worship in the second year. Please go to facebook- BQ Church Plant for our update. Please do remember us in your prayer. 

Kids’ Update 

  Yeah! Zephaniah is finishing his final two courses; one of them is the final project for his degree. Hopefully, he will complete the degree at the end of October. We can’t wait to see it happen. He has struggled a lot with his college education. Sometime we are tempted to think that it’s our unwise decision to move to Taiwan. However, we have seen God’s providence and wisdom in all these matters. Actually, we all have grown together throughout these years. Recently, he has discussed with us about his plan after the graduation. He plans to go back to the States to find a job there. Yet he might consider to go to graduate school.  

Anna came back to Taipei this summer, and she spent her time doing a very short summer intern at CRTS.TV. She really enjoyed time working there. An advantage working at CRTS.TV was that Toon’s office was at the first floor and hers was in the third floor, and sometimes they went to have lunches together. We were happy to see Anna was home for we knew that she missed home and we missed her as well. She just started her senior in college this year, and she plans to finish her study in the spring of 2017. Right now she is thinking what to do after her graduation and where to go to find a job. 

Praisye is always busy, and no exception for this summer! She was busy applying for her college and tutoring. She has some schools in her mind now, and most of them are Christian colleges. Many have asked us why picked private colleges when the tuitions are higher. Actually, we have thought about that as well. According to our residential status, there is no difference for our kids to choose Christian colleges or State colleges for they have to pay out-of-state tuition anywhere. Another reason, we found Christian colleges shape our kids’ better. Also, Christian colleges give scholarship to missionary kids, but sometimes it depends on their friendliness toward missionary families.

 Prayer request: 

1. Pray that we don’t forget the vision that God first called us to East Asia, and we will be faithful to His call and to the one who called us. 

2. Pray that we have more faith to Him due to our financial instability in the coming year. Pam reduces her work means the reduction of our income. 

3. Pray for our kids. Pray for their walk with the Lord. There will be many changes in their lives within this whole year. Zephy might go back to the States to find a job there. Anna will be finishing her college in 7-8 months, and she will look for a job as well. Praisye will be moving to the States next June, and she is applying colleges and taking SAT now. Pray that God will open a clear way for her. 

4. Pray for Toon and Pam’s church planting project in BanQiao City (New Taipei City). Also pray for their assistant, Luther Cheng and his wife (ZhiMin 智敏), so they will work well to expand the kingdom of God. Toon & Luther 


Toon & Pam Yeo, Zephy, Anna, Praisye