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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Over the past 20 years, through the grace of God, we have planted a center for Chinese Reformed Theology in the heart of Taipei.  Our Seminary now has 60 students, three full time professors, six part-time professors, and three full time support staff.  The RTF Press has seven full time staff members and sells over 50,000 books a year.  We have a family counseling center with two full-time workers.  Our students and supporters have started five church plants.  The church on our campus has grown to 150 adults and four full-time staff members.  Our other Reformed Churches are growing.  We also have two important oversees centers for seminary education, and various other ministries.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we have started CRTS.TV - a Chinese Reformed internet television station.  All our organizations and employees are excited about what has been accomplished so far.  The Seminary, the Press, the Church, and the counseling center have all committed time and money to the project.  We believe that this ministry will help all Chinese Christians, strengthen the Chinese Reformed Church, and play a central role in the growth of the Seminary.  If the Lord blesses it, it could become our most significant ministry.

We have three highly talented people who have joined us.  Martin Tu, a video producer and graphic designer, will be the director.  Martin is a member of one of our Reformed Churches.  He has a YouTube channel with 20 volunteer translators, over 200 Reformed videos, and 2,700 followers (  Carey Chu will be our main translator, and the dubbed voice of the station.  Cary is a Westminster West graduate.  He formerly worked as a Taiwan TV anchor.  Cary is also amazingly good at live translation.  Jerry Wu will be our computer engineer.  Jerry has worked for IBM, Intel, and now designs servers for HP.  Before we even begin God has been good to us!

We hired these three individuals in March 2015.  Our major needs:

·       Wisdom and Grace for Martin, Cary, Jerry, the leadership team and the entire project.

·       TV programs.  We have used existing Chinese Reformed video series by well-known speakers, sub-titled and dubbed English Reformed video series', and recorded some of our Seminary courses.  We have also produce a weekly Children’s Sunday School program, and Family Counseling Center seminars. We have plans for a weekly talk-show, a bible reading show, a book reading show, a weekly Christian music show, etc.

·       Financial support.  We spent US $30,000 in start-up costs for professional recording and video editing equipment, and have been operating on an initial monthly budget of US $5,000 per month.  (Our budget details are available upon request.)

We now have 24/7 web broadcasting up and running. Check out the new website at   or the current broadcast at

We fully believe that this vision is from the Lord.  We ask you to remember us in prayer, and to rejoice with us over what He intends to do!