Preparing Leaders to Reach the Chinese People at China Reformed Theological Seminary


China is the most populous country in the world, and over one in six people are Chinese.  By the grace of God, we have seen in our day a tremendous growth of the Chinese Church both in China and among overseas Chinese Students.  The reformed tradition is essential in laying down a solid theological foundation for this growing Chinese church.  But, unfortunately, to date it has not flourished among the Chinese.

There have been and are Reformed Chinese Christians. Probably the single most influential Chinese Christian today is Steven Tong, and he is clearly committed to reformed Theology.  There is at least one major movement in the Mainland China that is Reformed.  The theology department at several Chinese Bible colleges and seminaries in various countries have a Reformed emphasis.  Westminster and other Reformed seminaries continue to graduate Chinese Christians, many with teaching degrees and these are actively engaged in teaching.  Many of the Mainland Chinese overseas scholars in the US are attracted to Reformed theology.

But all this being said, the Chinese Reformed Church has not really gotten off the ground.  The movement has been one of individuals and not churches.  There are few Reformed Chinese churches in Taiwan or in the US.  Apart from Steven Tong's church in Indonesian, it is hard to think of a large, strong, flourishing Chinese Reformed Church -- although in God's grace surely there are some.  But the list of Chinese Reformed pastors who have succeeded in growing their churches does not seem to be very long.  (This is particularly important in the Chinese Church because success in growing a church is what makes a person influential.)

Here is the importance of CRTS.  For the Chinese Reformed Church to flourish, there must be Chinese Reformed seminaries.  Churches and seminaries must grow together.  By the grace of God we have a start towards building a Chinese Reformed seminary in Taiwan.  Our vision is that this seminary will lead to reforming of existing churches and the planting of new ones, which in turn will lead to growth of the seminary and new reformed seminaries.  Our hope and prayer is to establish a focal point for the Chinese Reformed Church from which other focal points can grow.

China Reformed Theological Seminary building, Taipei Taiwan